Charting The Re-Assessment

Note: Be sure to check out the Scheduling Notes before beginning in case there is anything you need to know!


Search and Open Patient

Find your patient and choose “Open Patient” or click on the patient’s name:


  • Find your last completed Assessment Note
  • Select "Re-Assessment Note"


  • Enter in the appointment information


  • Enter all applicable charting information 


Continuing Treatment

  • If you choose to continue treatment, please fill out the form that populates when you make this selection


  • If you choose to Discharge the patient, please fill out the form that populates when you make this selection

Producing Forms

After you complete a re-assessment, a pop-up window will appear with form recommendations to be produced for either discharged patients or patients continuing treatment.

  • Click Download PDF next to the form you would like to produce
  • A new window will open with corresponding form populated with the data from the patient’s profile and your complete assessment data.
  • Review this form to ensure the information is correct and continue to complete the missing information prior to saving or printing
  • NOTE: You will need a PDF reader program to view and complete forms
  • Click “Add another form” to view the full list of available forms for all provinces

Patients Continuing Treatment


Discharged Patients




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