Sending an e-Receipt

If you are looking to send an email copy of the receipt to your client or client's guardian - here are the necessary steps:

Setting up your Clinic for e-Receipts

  • Select System Setup, Organization, Clinic Locations
  • Select your Clinic Location, right click and select Edit
  • Select the e-Receipts tab
  • Enter the email address you want your e-Receipts to come from in the Sender field
  • Select the Attach a copy as a .pdf checkbox
  • Select OK to start using e-Receipts

Setting up the Profile Tab

  • Open the Client's Profile
  • Enter the client's email address into the Contact Info tab of the client's profile
  • Check e-Confirmations box if not already checked
  • If the client is a minor, you may send the receipt directly to the guardian's email by filling out the Guardian tab with the correct email address

Sending the Receipt

  • Post Payment for the client
  • Check the Email option right of the Receipt prompt. 
  • Select the client's chosen email from the drop down list right of the Email checkbox
  • Select or Unselect Guardian checkbox depending on who you would like to send it to
  • Press OK after completing the rest of the post payment process. You will receive confirmation that the email has been sent
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