*NEW* Balance Query (Basic Settings)

Opening the Balance Query

The Balance Query in InnoCare Software is used to show how much a patient or an insurance company owes.

To access the Balance Query do the following:

1. Go to Management

2. Select "Balance"


Setting your Search Criteria

With the Balance Query, you can filter for the following:

  • Minimum Balance: the minimum balance that you’d like to see

  • Location: search by one or all locations

  • Effective: set the last date you want the report to show outstanding AR for. For example - If you selected January 1st, 2016, only charges up to that day would be added in the total amounts owed in the report

  • Type: search outstanding charges by patients, insurance companies, or both

  • Show Transfers: search outstanding charges by only those that have been Invoiced by the date that they were invoiced, only Uninvoiced by the original Transfer date, or all outstanding charges by their original Charge and Transfer date

  • Billed By: if this feature is enabled, you can search by outstanding balances that are the responsibility of the Clinic, Head Office, or Both

  • Show Funding Stream: if this feature is enabled, you can search by all Funding Streams, or any combination of Funding Streams



*Please note you can change your columns by right clicking on the column headers and selecting "Columns..."







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