Backdating a payment

If you want to post a payment in the past because you forgot to post it on the day of or are fixing a mistake you can do the following:

Enabling Backdating

This will allow you to backdate a payment to the previous month up to a certain number of days. Selecting "31" means you can backdate for any day in the previous month

  • Click System Setup Tab
  • Click Organization
  • Click Organization Details
  • Click Financial Tab
  • Set Allow Previous Month Backdating up to Day to 31
  • Click OK 

Backdating a Payment

When you post a payment you will be able to select which date in the past it will be posted on. This Effective date will be used for reporting, etc.

  • Open Client Folder
  • Click Billing Tab
  • Post Payment
  • Set Effective Date
  • Click OK 

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