Teleplan: Submission Process

This page will show you how to do a full submission to BC Teleplan. We assume that you have completely set up InnoCare Software to integrate with BC Teleplan and also your Clients have been set up and charged correctly.

1. Create Claims for Off-Line Electronic Delivery

This process will look for all MSP transfers that are not yet on a claim and then place them onto their own claims.

  • Click Payers Tab
  • Click Open Payer Accounts
  • Right Click White Window at the bottom of the screen
  • Click "Create Claims for Off-line Electronic Delivery"

  • Confirm Location
  • Enter Date Range to Create claims for (normally use "All Dates")

  • All claims that were created will be displayed

2. Create Submission File for BC Teleplan

This will gather all claims that have not been submitted to BC Teleplan and put them on a submission file.

  • Click Management Tab
  • Click e-Claims
  • Click GO

  • Right Click in the Submissions section
  • Click Submit e-Claims

  • Review the claims that will be put onto the submission file
  • Click OK

  • File Created in the following folder location
  • Click OK to continue

  • Click Yes to open Teleplan Website

3. Upload Submission file to Teleplan Website

We will now upload the submission file from Step 2 to the BC Teleplan Website.

  • Enter your Username and Password to log into the BC Teleplan Website
  • Username looks similar to this: TTUT1234

  • Click Send Claims on the left hand side

  • Click Browse...

  • Select Submission file from Desktop folder: "Teleplan -> Submission"

  • Click Send File

  •  A screen will confirm the file was uploaded successfully

4. Set Delivery Status

If the file was uploaded to BC Teleplan without any problems than you should set the status to Delivered.

  • Select the submission file
  • Right Click the file
  • Click Set Status
  • Click Delivered

  • Click Yes to delete the extract file to prevent confusion the next time you do an upload

  • Submission is complete and delivered

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