Removing a Practitioner

You cannot delete a practitioner once a charge has been made against their name (even if you reverse the charge). This is due to auditing purposes as we do not want you to simply remove a practitioner and potentially lose years worth of financial data.

You can de-activate the Practitioner so they do not continue to appear on the Appointment Book.

1. Rebook All Future Appointments for Practitioner

  • Click Management Tab
  • Click Appointments
  • Set Location: n/a
  • Set Type: n/a
  • Set Booked: last day worked until January 1, 2020
  • Set Appointment Practitioner: <practitioner>
  • Click GO
  • Edit every appointment such that they are with another practitioner

2. Mark Practitioner as Inactive

  • Click System Setup Tab
  • Click Organization
  • Click Resources
  • Select <Resource Type>
  • Edit <Resource>
  • Uncheck Active
  • Click OK

3. Remove Practitioner from Appointment Book

Note: this step will need to be done by all users that access InnoCare Software

  • Click Appointment Book Tab
  • Click Now Viewing... (Top middle of screen, gear symbol)
  • Click Revert to Clinic Defaults
  • Click OK
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