Reading the Financial Summary

The Financial Summary Report provides all of your financial data between 2 dates.

Common Questions:

1. How much did I charge?

Total Charges = [ (Appointment Charges + Appointment Charges: Taxed + Product Charges + Product Charges: Taxed + Procedure Charges + Procedure Charges: Taxed + Tax) - (Credits) ]


2. How much money did I collect?

Total Payments = [ (Payments - Refunds) - (*Write Offs*) ]Did you create a payment type for "Write Off" or something similar? Make sure you subtract this amount from your totals


3. How much tax did I charge?

Total Tax = [Tax - (Tax Line in "Credits")]

Tax Line in "Credits" means go to the "Credits" Category and look for the name of your tax(s); (for example, HST, GST, etc)


4. How do I see the pre-tax amount on the taxable items

The categories that end with "Taxed", (for example, Appointment Charges: Taxed) are pre-tax totals.

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