OHIP: Submission Process


1. Create Claims

  • Click Payers Tab
  • Click Open Payer Accounts
  • Right-click white window at the bottom of the screen
  • Click Create Claims for Offline Electronic Delivery
  • Confirm Location
  • Enter Date Range to Create claims for (normally use All Dates)
  • Close Open Payer Accounts window

2. Create Submission File

  • Click Management Tab
  • Click e-Claims
  • Click GO
  • Right-click in the Submissions section (top window)
  • Click Submit e-Claims
  • Click OK
  • Click Yes to Open Agent web page

3. Upload Submission File to Teleplan Website

  • Enter Username and Password
  • Upload File
  • Select Claim

4. Set Delivery Status

  • Go back to InnoCare Software
  • Right-click the submission you just created
  • Select Set Status -> Delivered
  • Click Yes to Delete Extract File
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