Transfer Charge to Payer

As long as you have added the Payment Plan correctly from the steps above, the Transfer will automatically happen when you charge the appointment. 1. Open Appointment Book

  • Select Appointment Cell
  • Right Click
  • Charge

2. Verify charge information is correct...

  • The Payment Plan covers 100% of charges; therefore, the $50 charge is transferred to Blue Cross. Seen at the bottom of the Charge Appointment window in "Payer Transfers".

3. Status updated

  • To help keep track of who has been charged the status icon has changed to a Dollar Sign
  • As the charge was transferred to Blue Cross, the Client does not have a balance on their account.

4. Verify Client Folder

  • Right Click Appointment
  • View Client Folder
  • Billing Tab

5. Transfer Created

  • The Transfer is used to remove the charge from the Clients Balance and add it to the Payers Balance

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