Create Element Types

Element Types are the individual fields on a Point of Care form. You will need to create the element types that you want to use before you can add them to the final template.

  • Click System Setup Tab
  • Click PoC Forms
  • Click Element Types

  • Click Add/Edit/Delete (Green Plus/Yellow Pencil/Red X)

Number Field

  • Minimum: Smallest number accepted
  • Maximum: Largest number accepted

Text Field

  • Width: How wide do you want the text box to be?
  • Height: How high do you want the text box to be?

Single Selection Field

  • Right-click and click Add
  • Enter Selection Option

Multiple Selection Field

  • Right-click and Click Add
  • Enter Selection Option

Calculated Field

  • Formula: Choose which formula applies to you

Check Box Field

  • Default: Do you want the check box to be checked or unchecked by default?

Date Field

  • Default: Do you want the date field to have a default date?

Resource Selection Field

  • Display a list of resources from your system with the following roles.
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