Add Payer to InnoCare Software

Before you can submit a claim to a Third Party Payer (Blue Cross) you must add the Third Party Payer to InnoCare Software.

  • Click Payers Tab
  • Click Payers Administration

  • Click Add (Green Plus)

  • Fill in Name
  • Click Limits Tab

  • Select Default Line
  • Right-click and Click Edit

  • Fill in Max Period Amount - Payable: ($$ coverage per  year)
  • Fill in Max Period Treatments (# of treatments covered per year)
  • Fill in Percentage (Percentage of treatment covered per visit)
  • Click OK

Note: These values are simply default values and you can change the values when you add the Third Party Payer (Blue Cross) to a client. These values should represent the most common plan that a client with Blue Cross coverage would have.

If you don't have a common plan than simply leave it as Max Period Amount - Payable: 0, Max Period Treatments: 0, Percentage: 100.

  • Click OK

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