Unable to Launch (Apple)

The error "Unable to Launch" means there was an issue when trying to start InnoCare.

Try the following steps to fix the issue:

1. Update Java to the latest version

2. Uninstall InnoCare 

A. Click "System Preferences"

B. Click "Java"

C. Click "Settings..." button


D. Click "Delete Files..." button


E. Click All Check Boxes and Click OK


F. Close the Temporary File Settings Window

G. Click "Security" Tab and then Click "Certificates" Button at bottom


H. Select "IBL - Internet Business Logic" and Click "Remove" Button

"IBL - Internet Business Logic" Certificate not there? Simply go to the next step

I. Close the Java Control Panel

3. Install InnoCare 

InnoCare Download

Check "Always Trust content from this publisher" and Click RUN

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