Clinic Location

Clinic Locations represents a physical location for your Clinic. For example, if you have 2 locations you will need to create 2 Clinic Locations in InnoCare.

  • Click System Setup Tab
  • Click Organization
  • Click Clinic Locations


  • Select the location
  • Click Edit (Yellow Pencil)

  • Set Default Booking Interval 15 or 20 Minutes
  • Add or Edit Address/Phone/Email
  • Click Logo Tab

  • Check Enable Logo
  • Click White Box
  • Select logo from computer
  • Click OK

Note: The logo should be formatted as .JPG/.JPEG and a max size of 200kb. If you are having problems uploading please contact us: with an email subject of "Logo Upload Problem".

 Note - to resolve logo display issues refer to this article:

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