Two Factor Authentication

How to keep your account secure with two factor authentication:


Activating Two Factor Authentication:

  • Go to System Setup
  • Organization
  • User Administration
  • Select and edit the user you want to activate
  • On the User tab - Select the "Require Two Factor Authentication" check box



How do I get my Authentication Code:

  • Launch InnoCare Software
  • Type in your Username/Password and press OK
  • At this time you'll get the following prompt      


  • Press OK and proceed to check the email sent from InnoCare
  • There will now be a new text box on your login screen - use this to enter the Authentication Code


Extra Details:

Once you are logged in - you can exit and re-enter InnoCare without having to get another authorization code for 24 Hours. 

Your code will expire after 15 minutes the first time it is sent - be sure to check your junk or spam if you're unable to find the code.





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