HCAI: Fixing Errors Preventing Submission through HCAI Integration (OCF-21)

If you something is incorrect in the creation of the claim, you may receive an error indicating that the claim could not be created and submitted through the integration. Here are some examples:

  • HCAI Rejection: There must be zero Other Reimbursable Goods and Services Line items:
    • You have not combined charged the services
    • You have incorrectly combined charged the services
    • (If MIG Billing) PAF is not checked in Procedure code setup for the MIG block you're trying to bill
  • HCAI Rejection: The occupation is invalid for the specified provider:
    • The charge was rendered by the incorrect provider
  • HCAI Rejection: The Provider is invalid for specified facility:
    • The provider is missing their HCAI billing number in the Resource set-up
  • HCAI Rejection: The auto insurer total does not equal the correct summed total - Insurer Totals - Auto Insurer Total - proposed:
    • There are too many transfers or not enough based on the amount that should be submitted
  • HCAI Rejection: The measure (SN) is invalid for the goods and service code:
    • You are using the incorrect measure code. Change the measure to Procedure from the Records tab

If you encounter any errors that are not on this article, please contact InnoCare Support at

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