Charting SOAP Notes

Once an assessment has been completed, you can begin using SOAP notes

  • Search the patient
  • Choose  to start your SOAP note
  • Create the appointment
  • Enter all applicable charting details
  • “Discard”, “Save for Later” or “Complete Note”


Duplicating Notes 

You can duplicate a past note at any time to avoid re-entry

  • After beginning the appointment choose the icon next to the SOAP or Assessment you would like to duplicate
  • To check that you are duplicating the proper note, you can click the note to view
  • Once duplicated, enter all applicable charting information and “Save for Later” or “Complete Note”



When your patient no longer requires treatment, you can discharge the file

  • Once you have created the appointment, you can select the next to the note you would like to discharge

  • Enter your discharge Criteria
  • “Discard”, “Save for Later” or “Complete Note”


Open Chart Notes

Any open notes that are incomplete will be visible on your Dashboard

  • “Open Chart” to continue your note
  • Click patient name to view profile/prior notes

Viewing All Notes 

You can view the notes of all practitioners in your clinic location

  • After you have begun your chart note, you can choose “My Notes” to see your own notes, or “All Notes” to see any notes for this patient

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