HCAI: Fixing Errors Preventing Submission through HCAI Integration (OCF-18/OCF23)

If something is incorrect in the client file or in the form, you may receive an error indicating that the form could not be created and submitted through the integration. Here are some examples:

  • HCAI Rejection: No online e-claim agent linked to client location or payer:
    • The integration is turned off for your clinic location or the specified payer/insurance company
  • HCAI Rejection: Provider is invalid for specified facility:
    • The clinician does not have their HCAI billing number attached to their resource
  • HCAI Rejection: Injury code is invalid:
    • You are using a diagnostic code in the T.Plan that is not recognized in HCAI, please use HCAI injury codes only
  • HCAI Rejection: Goods and Services Code is not formatted correctly. -ProposedGoodsAndServices - NonSessionGoodsAndServices - Items - Item[1] - Code: 
    • You are using a product or service code that is not recognized by HCAI and does not have the required fee code on the back end
    • You selected the incorrect measure code based on the type of service/product
  • HCAI Rejection - Authorization Error:
    • This is a connection error. Please attempt the submission at a later time
  • HCAI Rejection: Specified insurer does not exist in HCAI - Insurer - IBCInsurerID, Insurer must be provided. - Insurer - IBCInsurerID, Branch must be provided. - Insurer - IBCBranchID:

    • You are attempting to submit a form to an insurance company that is not in HCAI
    • You need to add the Insurer ID and/or Branch ID in the Payer's set up
  • HCAI Rejection: Circumstances must be provided Prior and Concurrent Conditions - isPAFcircumstance:
    • This error is regarding the Injury tab of the OCF 18 regarding the Prior Conditions section. Please ensure you are making a selection for the Prior and Concurrent Conditions
    • If this is a MIG extension, please ensure you are selecting "Minor Injury Guideline" and then selecting the correct option (either Services within $3500 limit or Pre-existing Medical Condition)
  • HCAI Rejection: Measure (PR) is invalid for the goods and services code (SZZPR):
    • You need to change the measure code associated to the service code to be Session (SN)

If you experience any other errors that are not listed above, please email


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