Telus: How to Post Payment to a Claim

Once you have created your claim through the integration, you should receive payment within the next few days. Here is how you can post this payment to your claim: 

Open Payer Accounts:

  • Select the Payers Tab
  • Select Open Payers Account
  • Define Search Criteria

  • Payer: Set to the specific Payer
  • Posted To: Set the location that the claim was created
  • Posted: Set the date the claim was created
  • All: Uncheck to make your search more specific
  • Type: Select Claim and hit >>
  • Press GO to generate results

  • Select relevant Claim
  • Right Click

Select Post Claim Payment of…

  • Ensure Amount is correct
  • Select Payment Type
  • Complete relevant description
  • Select OK once ready to post the payment

Claim is now completed because a payment is assigned to it



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