Telus: Fixing Errors Preventing Submission through Telus Integration

If something is incorrect in the client file, you may receive an error indicating that the claim could not be created and submitted through the integration. Here are some examples:

  • Error - Schema Validation Failure(ISC.0082.9447) Value Does Not Conform To Datatype: This error can mean a few things. 
    • The practitioner does not have their Telus Billing number attached to their Resource
    • The practitioner does not have a Licensing Body attached to their Resource
    • Connection issue from Telus to Payer. Please try again at a later time
  • Error - (ISC.0082.9469) Value Does Not Match Pattern:
    • You are using an appointment type that is not set up for integration (does not have a procedure code on the back end with the fee code)
  • Error - NL07; Invalid Data Type Specification:
    • This indicates the Provider resource does not have a Telus Health Billing ID assigned
  • Error - NL20; The Provider (Author) Is Invalid:
    • Provider (resource) Billing ID is not correct
  • Error - Multiple Or No Profiles Returned For Carrier Profile:
    • The payer name does not match the list of approved Telus Payers.
  • Error - Authentication Failed. Switch could not authenticate the User - Incorrect Password:
    • Your password for the Telus Portal has recently changed and has not been updated in InnoCare yet.
  • Error - [code: KEY204] Member not found. Verify the policy and member ID data entered:
    • The insurance information you have entered in the Billing tab is incorrect. The policy and ID numbers are not what the insurance company has on file.
  • Error - NL300; Object of reference not set to an instance of an object:
    • The Gender of the client has not been selected

  • Error NL300; Code not supported in vocabulary.
    • The relationship to insured status is set to "other".

If you encounter an error that is not specified on this list, please contact Support.


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