Telus: How to Create a Claim through the Integration

1. Post Transfer to Charge

A transfer is the action in which you are transferring the balance of a service or product from the Client's account to the Payer's account

  • Provided the Client File is set up properly, you can select the appointment, right click and select Charge. The Payer Transfer should automatically be added to the charge:

  • You can also post the transfer from the Billing tab once the appointment has been charged by selecting the Charge line, right click and select "Post Transfer to Charge"

2. Locate Transfer

A claim can consist of 1 transfer or many. Locate Transfer within the client's billing tab (in either Transaction or Charge History View) that is "Not yet on Claim"

  • This is shown with a Blue Circle with a Black Question Mark in it
    • Hover over the Symbol for a description

3. Create Claim

  • Select Transfer line
  • Right Click Transfer line
  • Select Create Claim

4. Review Claim prior to Submission:

This is a preview of what you will be submitting to the Payer. Please review the services and ensure that they are correct prior to submitting the claim.

  • If you would like to defer a service from this claim:
    • Select desired service date
    • Right click and select "Defer"
    • You will be prompted by a window stating: "Are you sure you want to delete selected transfer(s)? Select OK
    • This service will now be removed from this claim
  • A new requirement for submitting Telus e-Claims has been implemented into InnoCare Software. Now, whenever you attempt submission through the integration you must ensure you are reading the Terms & Conditions and selecting the check box which states: I ACCEPT the terms and conditions:. If this is not selected, you will not be able to submit this claim until you have selected this check box.

5. Submit Claim

Once you are ready to create the claim to submit through to the TELUS Integration, select OK.

  • You will see the following dialog box if your integration is on:


  • If the integration is off, you will not see this dialog box. You can contact support to assist you further with this.

If you would like to bypass the integration to submit this claim:

  • Select the check box that indicates "Do Not Submit Electronically"
  • This will create the claim in the software, but not through the integration- this is ideal for tracking balances that are not able to be adjudicated through the Telus Integration i.e. Green Shield and Blue Cross claims
  • Select OK


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