Telus: Mandatory Information for Client File

Client intake is essential to the TELUS eClaims integration. If all required fields are not filled in, you may receive an error when attempting to submit claims through the integration. To avoid this, please ensure you always fill all mandatory fields in upon intake.

The following information must be entered for Third Party clients:

Profile tab:

  • First name, last name
  • Date of birth and gender
  • Family doctor, managing provider
  • Home address, city and postal code
  • Email address

Billing tab (right click to Create a new Payment Plan)

  • General: Payer, Policy and Insured ID number

It is important to fill in only the required numbers – see photo example

  • Insured: Policy holder- if that is someone other than the client, please select the appropriate relationship and then either select the policy holder if they are already in your system or create a new client with their information.
  • Limits: Months per Period = 12
  • If coverage is combined, right click to edit the Default coverage
  • If coverage is per service, right click and click Add.
  • Select the Resource type i.e. Physiotherapy
  • Max Period Amount
    • Leave Covered blank for unlimited
    • Less than 100% enter amount Payable
  • Max Period Treatment
    • Leave blank if unlimited
  • Percentage
  • Deductible, if applicable

Treatment Limits: Right click to add specific Procedure codes if there is a max amount per treatment

Coverage Card Examples:


Records tab (right click to add new T.Plan)

  • General: Treatment plan title
  • Opened date
  • Payment Plan
  • Physician and Marketing Referral- if applicable 
  • Managing Practitioner
  • Diagnosis: Funding Source- set as Third Party
  • Body Area

NOTE: All fields listed above will be highlighted in red text when the Third party funding source is selected. These red fields are mandatory and must be completed.


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