Unable to Download InnoCare Software because it is from an Unidentified Developer

If you are on a Mac, and are unable to download the software because of the following error message, please follow these instructions.



  1. Open your Mac's System Preferences (by clicking on the Apple logo on the top left corner of your screen) and click the Security & Privacy mac
  2. If your settings are locked, click on the lock2015-01-21-15-08-59-dce7c4.pngon the bottom left corner of the window and enter the admin password.

  3. Allow applications downloaded from "Anywhere". This tells your Mac it is okay to download the csregistry.jnlp file

    NOTE: If you have Sierra OS, you will not have the "Anywhere" option.  Please choose "Mac App Store and identified developers" then "Open Anyway" for csregistry.jnlp


4. Attempt to open csregistry.jnlp once more from your Downloads folder, or Dock.  InnoCare Software should start opening at this time!


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